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ETM Failure Symptoms and Solution S70 2000

This is a record of my ETM failure and its resolution for my 2000, S70 SE, non-turbo, 202,000km (126,000 miles) Volvo:

1) Car started to surge slightly back and forwards when driving at highway speeds with throttle held steady. Car throttle response at low speed didn't feel right with surges.
2) No ETS light, no OBDII fault codes.
3) Drove over 300 miles like this.
4) Car got much worse, ETS light came on for 2 days, OBDII codes P0506, P1670, P0220, P0225. Drove car at less than 40 mph.
5) ETS light went off for 1 day, car running better.
6) ETS light came on again, car still driveable but kept below 40 mph.
7) Went to Volvo dealer and requested new ETM under 10 year or 200,000 mile warranty in accordance with Volvo Service Manager Bulletin SMB 25-149.
8) Dealer first cleaned the throttle body, reset the fault codes, went for a test drive, fault codes came back.
9) Dealer requested authorization from Volvo to replace ETM under warranty.
10) Dealer let me have a courtesy car (Volvo V50) at no cost since my car was not repaired that day.
11) Second day at dealership, dealer replaced the ETM under warranty and put in latest software at no cost to me. Dealer also washed the car.
12) Car running like new again.

In conclusion, the car never actually died on me and the Montreal Volvo dealership gave me excellent service and fixed the problem at no cost to me. I am very gratefull to have learned about the extended ETM warranty for 1999-2000 S70 Volvos through this website.


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