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AC bad liquid 850 1994

Last week my AC stopped blowing air as cold as it used to. Now it is just fresh...but not cold. The car is a 94 and AC has never been recharged (I believe), so I would think that all it needs is a recharge and that nothing is broken...but I know nothing about AC so it is just a guess.

Today my wife called the volvo dealer, midas and pepboys to check for prices to recharge the system and she got the quotes below. Anyone know if the 850 94 has what they called illegal liquid? what is it? do they replace for free everywhere?

Volvo dealer
$169.00 recharge including leak check + $20 for leak stop if needed.

$19.99 check plus around $100 to recharge or if we have the old system which has the illegal kind of liquid they change it free

Pep Boys
$39.99 to check for leaks and then about $100.00 for the recharge if nothing is wrong.



New AC bad liquid [850][1994]
posted by  Burbu  on Fri Jul 27 15:39 CST 2007 >

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