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Interior window fogging V70-XC70 2016

You state that sometimes the windows go from clear to fogging very quickly and also that after sitting there will be condensation dripping from the windows.

These are similar symptoms that (to me) appear to be caused by different problems.

The condensation after sitting suggests that there's a bunch of water hiding in the cabin. You say the carpets are dry but have you checked the back seat carpets too? how about under the carpets? If you can find your way to pull back the carpet I think you'll find that the spongy foam backing the carpet is thick in places and is quite good at absorbing and holding water.

The rapid precipitation of fog on the windshield sounds like the AC is turning off unexpectedly leaving the fan to push some very very moist air through the defrost vents. Any reason why it would turn off?

Either way you have a lot of standing water in the cabin.

Find your water source and plug or unplug it. Sunroof drains are the easy place to start by opening the roof, finding the drain holes and pouring water down each one. Water should flow freely through the drains to the ground. If they're plugged you may find evidence of moisture on the A-pillar and dash where it meets the a-pillar at the door jamb.



New Interior window fogging [V70-XC70][2016]
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