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Changing rear strut/shocks on P2 V70-XC70 2004

I have learned what may save a lot of folks some grief when changing these units. Removing the strut/shock is not difficult, but getting it back can be tough. The instructions state to use a strap to pull the control arms down with both wheels up. Most of us do not have enough jacks to get both up. Discovered recently when changing rear sway bar that unhooking one end link makes it easier and the clincher is to use a cable winch puller hooked to the control arms. Got this 4,000 lbs puller from Harbor Freight for less that $20. It worked like a dream and the strut/shock bottom was easily adjusted to the mounting point. This makes it a one person job and safe. Following this the end link can be mounted.



New 2 Changing rear strut/shocks on P2 [V70-XC70][2004]
posted by  dick  on Sat May 26 17:50 CST 2012 >

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