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Changing rear strut/shocks on P2 V70-XC70 2004

Dick is the man!

I upgraded from the tensioner strap in the Volvo instructions to Dick's "cable winch puller," generically known as a come-along. I was able to remove and re-install the strut with little struggle. Seemed more safe and convenient than two-man or spreading methods that I was evaluating. The cable puller seems equivalent in safety to the tensioner strap, but recognize that there is stored energy in the tensioned control arm and it needs to be blocked for safety.

NOTES: Working on one strut at a time limited (reduced) the pulling force required to a single suspension side. The longer handle, compared to the tensioner strap, produced the force required to pull the control arm downward. I chose a cable puller rated to 1,200 pounds, at $16. Because I had been able to deflect the control arm with my body weight, I had reason to believe that the tensioning forces were within this tool's rating limit. (My straps were only rated to 300 lbs.)

!CAUTION! Lowering the control arm extends the brake hose toward its limit of travel.


New 2 Changing rear strut/shocks on P2 [V70-XC70][2004]
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