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'84 242 Auto to Manual Pedals... Uh Oh! Problems!

Michael,You have been a GREAT help to me and many others here and I sincerely THANK YOU! It is invaluable to ask someone who has actually been there.
I have looked intently at every photo I could find on the clutch pedal assembly- EBay items for sale, the "Bentley Bible", Haynes manual, etc. All showed the pedal with the clevis pin attacment. None showed this other assembly I have with the different cable attachment. It has the same mounting points, is visually identical to the one I took from my "83 242 Turbo parts car, save for this. The Parts lot it came in came with Ford motor mounts, a large, rather decently made, bolt-in mount, a new, unidentified clutch cable, a bunch of small items including a rather odd, sort of "slide in" trans mount and an unused 25mm IPD dropped front sway bar. The guy said it came out of a 242 Bertone coupe, the one with the big, chopped roof, that was decaying away along with a couple of other 244s behind a derelict house.
This other assembly looks entirely OEM, not modified. The cable it came with has a "T" style end and this fits perfectly into the mounting point on the pedal. Maybe it's from a 700 or 900 series car? I wish I had kept the "83 Turbo cable and the firewall plate, but long gone.
On that vacuum hose and the diamond shaped plate= The "83 Turbo pedal assembly still has the vacuum hose passing through the grommet on the plate as it came off the car. I believe it went to a switch to kill the A/C compressor on heavy acceleration; will pore over wiring diagrams for answer. The hole for the cable to pass through is above this plate, right up at the top and is clearly shown in a photo in the Bentley book.
The question is; which pedal assembly will work best with the Ford clutch cable? I have the book "Official Ford Mustang Technical Reference & Performance Handbook" by Al Kirschenbaum, and it details a rather confusing series of updates and variations on cable clutch mechanisms; self adjusting, manual adjusted, non-adjustable, heavy-duty, Cobra variants, different release forks, bell housings, etc, etc. Makes you dizzy. But it DOES have FRPP part numbers!
Any recommendations for which Mustang cable to use?
This started out as an easy project to do while waiting for suspension parts. I hate taking things apart and not finishing the job as parts grow legs and get lost. Colder than hell in my unfinished garage expansion!


New '84 242 Auto to Manual Pedals... Uh Oh! Problems!
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