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Feeler: V8 Volvo for sale?

I hate to say it here but my daily driver is an Audi S6 Avant. It has a 340 hp V8 with quattro awd. I don't really drive the 780 much these days but it's still a hoot to drive. Since I am an art framer by trade and a car nut too, I like wagons that are fun to drive.

Hence the 740 V8 wagon. I previously had a couple of 740 turbo wagons as well as an '86 that was also a 5.0 swap. I used this car as a DD for a while, although not during winter conditions. Lately I mostly drive the Audi.

I still get a lot of compliments on the 780, to me it's a better Mustang than a Mustang but without 'collector' status (and price). Better built, safer, better handling, nicer interior (by far) than a Fox Mustang!

Pricewise it's somewhere in the $12K neighborhood. It just passed PA state inspection and runs great! I don't *need* to sell, just don't drive it much, probably time to move it on to someone who will.


New Feeler: V8 Volvo for sale?
posted by  780 5.0  on Tue Sep 26 12:07 CST 2017 >

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