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A little Volvo love....and fuel mileage report

A top 5 - whatever that means! http://www.streetmusclemag.com/features/car-features/street-features-after-a-full-year-of-cars-its-time-to-look-back/

Gorgeous morning here in Charlotte, low humidity, low 60's. So early this morning I took the car out for an 80 mile jaunt round the 'loop' here in Charlotte. Virtually no traffic and speeds varied between 60-70mph on the cruise most of the time. I filled up afterwards -- 140.1 miles on 5.95 gallons = 23.55 mpg. But here's the kicker - I had 56 around town miles on the car before I started out. My last 4 tanks around town have all been in the 18.5-20.1 mpg range. If you do the math and assume that those 56 miles were at 19 or 20 mpg -- then my 84.1 mile lap today netted 28.0 or 26.7 mpg. Not too shabby for a 430+HP V8 in something that ain't too aero. Looking forward to a trip down to Augusta to visit family and take in a Cars&Coffee - then I can do a real highway mileage check.


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New 1 A little Volvo love....and fuel mileage report
posted by  Michael Yount  on Sun Jul 30 19:04 CST 2017 >

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