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Date Buttons (e.g.,Jan-Dec and 2001)

These appear on the Index page of the forum. Months are across the top and years down the side. The forum defaults to the current month. Click these buttons to navigate backwards through time.

You can post new messages within the current month, of course, and for the previous month. Note that when you post a reply to a message from the previous month, it will bring it forward to the current month, effectively re-activating it. The idea is the the default index shows the currently active posts.

Selected months and years appear darker than inactive buttons.


When you are displaying by CREATED, the index is sorted by the actual entry date of any given thread. You'll see that the displayed dates are consecutive.

When you are displaying by MODIFIED, the index is sorted by most recent activity. Any activity in this thread moves up the thread modification date to the dat of the activity. You'll see the displayed dates out of order when in this mode. This provides a very easy way to see posts that continue to have interest by other users. Display by MODIFIED is highly recommended.

Go to preferences to set whether either MODIFIED or CREATED shows the most recent at the top or bottom of the screen.

PREV/NEXT Paged Navigation

When a forum is very busy, it is necessary to break down the screen into pages. This increases load times for users, and keeps everything generally faster and even more tidy. When a forum is very full, you will see <prev 1 2 3 4 next>, for example. The numbers are like page numbers. They make it easy to move between pages by simply clicking them.

Click preferences to set the number of results per page. You'll find that it is very easy to make this work the way you want.

EXPAND/COLLAPSE Buttons ( and )

The default display shows just the initial post of a given thread (compressed style). You can see the entire thread from the index by clicking the + image. The next time you arrive, this will remain expanded if that is how you left it.

This method effectively combines the old compressed and threaded into one. You get the benefit of exapnding threads that interest you while leaving ones that do not collapsed (= less noise on the screen).

Newest at Top/Newest at Bottom

The default is to have the newest thread(or topic) at the top of the screen. This is reversed threaded, more or less. This is counter-inuitive to some and intuitive to others. The debate rages on.

You can set to have the newest thread at the bottom. This will place your newest material on the last page(if there are enough threads to have pages) and the bottom of the screen.


Some forums break down the threads into models. This software allows you to quickly move between different models. Look for the tab-style buttons on the index. The selected tab will appear darker.


The POST A NEW MESSAGE button is on the forum index page at the top.

Everyone can post new messages, whether or not you are registered. If you are not registered, simply put a name in the "CLAIM TO BE" box on the new post form. If you are a registered user, you can either login before a post, or while you are posting. Note that registered users should only have to log in once. The forum will remember your login for a long time, unless you choose to log out (might want to do this if you are on a machine used by many).


It only takes a minute to register to be a user.

Why do this at all? There are a lot of user features that are not possible without registered users. The software needs to know who you are to trust you to edit a message you posted a week ago, for example. It also needs to know who you are to allow you to use the SAVE button.

The user system verifies who you are. It makes a user validated, more or less. The goal is to have a trusted community of users in addition to the possibilities for useful features.

The user system will allow you to see all posts by a given user. It will allow new users to see who is a newbie and who is a veteran (could help them determine the credibility of a user). There are many more possibilites to consider and potential features that could be implemented with a user-based system.

Being a non-registered user will not prevent you from using many of the features of this forum. However, some features are not possible to offer non-registered users.


The PRINT button appears when you are displaying the text of a message. Pressing this will display a "printable" version of the text. This shows you only the one message you are viewing.

The PRINT ALL button appears on the thread summary of each post. Use this to print EVERY message in the thread (often requested by users).

Get out a 3 ring binder and a hole puncher and build yourself a custom shop manual.


Press this button to read every message in a thread on one screen. The display attempts to preserve the structure of the whole conversation by showing in tree or hierarchical form. It may look a bit strange at first, but that is what it's trying to show you: who responded to which response in the thread.

Those small and big A buttons.

Use this to adjust the size of the text. The forum will remember your settings when you return. (requested by users)


Make a typo in your post? Forget to mark it as a particular model? If you posted a message as a registered user, you can go back and edit it later.


This is a sort of bookmarks page. See a post you think is very good? See one you know you might want to see a month from now, or a year from now even? Click this. This is your list of favorite posts. (must be a registered user)

Strange Dates

Why are dates so strange?

If you see UTC in the date, you might not have taken the time to set your time zone. Yes, you can set your time zone! This addresses requests by international users and North American users alike. See the board in your time. Go to FORUM PREFERENCES to set this.

New Ideas

The developers of this site and the software that runs it are always open to new ideas. If you want a new feature, don't like how a feature works, or anything of the sort, please let us know. Post ideas to OPINIONS.

This software is based on more than 4 years of experience with a large user base. It attempts to address the needs that have been observed and compiled through the years. It is built largely on the ideas of users. We hope you enjoy it and that it serves you well.

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