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1985 240 V8 Looking for a Home

It has been a very long time since I wrote in the forums.
I have an 1985 240 which was converted in 2010 to 302 Ford V8 by Converse himself. The car has been fun for a few years but now lack of time/space/family responsibilities will force me to get rid of the car.

The Specs are the following:


- Fully Rebuilt/Ported Police Interceptor 302 to 338ci(5.5L) with about 2,500 miles since the rebuilt.
- JE Forged Pistons and 8.9 Compression ratio(was planning for a supercharger)
- Upper and Lower motor girdle for extra strength
- Milodon 7 Quart Oil Pan #31125
- Aluminum Heads (AFR 165cc)
- Camshaft 35-304-8 (270HR)
- Ford 130Amp Alternator Upgrade
- Almost everything under the engine compartment is new
- Spal Variable Fan Controller
- Tremec TKO 600 6-Speed Manual Transmission
- Engine is Full fuel injected and all Emission components are included
- High flow "Shorty" 5.0 Headers

The engine should be rated in the 360HP+ but if properly tuned the gains could be more.


- Car has been kept in an enclosed Garage for the last 9 years. Some dust shown in pics but will clean off.
- Rear IPD Sway Bar
- Custom Front Sway Bar. Same as IPD Specs.
- Single 3" Exhaust going to a Camaro muffler and splitting to dual 2.5" exhausts in the back
- Blistein Shocks all around
- Dynamat Sound insulation installed in all doors/trunk/Headliner

Car body is very clean with a minor rust spot in one the rear wheel wells. I had a pro weld new panels in the wheel wells about 10-11 years ago. The paint is metallic red painted in the year 2000 but holds well. Also a new floor was welded around the same time.

Issues/Recommended upgrades
-Wheels are still stock and tires are very old (Since 2003)
-Windshield gasket is bulging in one spot (Broken clip)
-Windshield has 2-3 chips
-Might need new brakes/Rotors
-Driver seat back foam is sagging on the right side(Common problem with these seats) Could get replacement foam from IPD but it is expensive.
-AC doesn't seems to work for some reason over the last 3 years. AC system seems to keep full charge. Could be a fuse issue, haven't have the chance to troubleshoot
-Radiator Cooling fan is fairly close to the pulley. If more power is desired might need a bigger radiator. Currently having a Volvo 240 Diesel radiator and an electric cooling fan from a newer Volvo.
-Differential is stock Dana-30. Might need LSD for better street performance
-Some bumper chrome trims are missing. I have spares but never installed them,

I have many extra parts(trims, headlight conversion kit etc) which I will also include.

I have easily over 15k "Invested" in the car but I could give up everything for around 5K(The Tremec TKO-600 has an MSRP of around $2,500) . I might actually list it over at bringatrailer.com. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. I am located in the New Jersey Area.

Engine Pics at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YzYf9bB1ST83ePZw6


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    1985 240 V8 Looking for a Home

    I am very interested if this car if it is still available and relatively local.

    Can text at: Two0Three-Nine7Four-3Four6Eight


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    1985 240 V8 Looking for a Home


    Is your car still for sale? If so, where is it located?

    Thank you and take care,

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    1985 240 V8 Looking for a Home

    Here's a bump for you -- I had a 5.0L 242 for 19 years -- done with a Converse kit and many of the same engine mods you have. Recently pulled it out and went with an LS3.

    You may want to clarify -- A Tremec TKO600 is a 5 speed transmission. If you have a TKO600 it's not a 6 speed; if you have a 6 speed, it's not a TKO600. Perhaps a T56 or one of the several 6 speed variants based on the T56.

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