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start inhibitor switch replacement. How do you? 700 92

This AM when I shifted into reverse some smoke (with smell of burning) came out from below the shifting lever. The car does not start now.

If I wiggle the lever in P it will start OK., try it again and it won't start.

I think the start inhibitor switch(neutral safety switch) is the culprit.

My questions are:

First, Is there any other electrical component in the shifter area that won't allow the car to start that needs to be checked? and

Second, How do you get to the switch? I have a Chilton's manual that says to remove the faceplate with the gear position symbols, to get to the switch. I can't figure out how to remove without breaking the faceplate.

Is there an easy way? Any help is appreciated.

I don't want to tow the car to he dealer.

Thank you!!!


New start inhibitor switch replacement. How do you? [700][92]
posted by  someone claiming to be John Alvarez  on Sat Jun 30 14:46 CST 2001 >

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