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I'm the grimly ignorant owner of a 1985 244 automatic. It stopped running abruptly about a year ago. After getting lots of help here, and months of weekend efforts, I was able to get it to run --but very poorly indeed, and I could not drive it.

Last week I took the shocking step of paying a professional to diagnose it. The mechanic confirmed that I had the cam, intermediate shaft, and crank marks correct after I replaced the old harmonic balancer with a new one (slipping rubber) many moons ago. After checking everything on the four page list of operations documenting everything I had tried to get the car to run correctly, he is convinced my problem is twofold.

I had the wrong AAM, and he's right - I had swapped a non-007 unit in.

Also, my kickdown cable is broken at the end near where it is supposed to be anchored to the throttle pulley assembly. A working kickdown cable must be absolutely necessary for proper engine operation right? I had assumed that it was only for a downshift when flooring the gas pedal.

I had a junkyard 007 AMM in my spares box so I disconnected the battery and put the cable ends together to reset the ECU while I installed it. However, it might not be working well. It seemed to help a bit, but that might be the placebo effect. However, when in desperation I tried timing the engine to 0 degrees according to the crank pulley the car became technically drivable. It was clearly undrivable at 12 degrees of timing, with very little power and acceleration extremely poor, with random stalling. Timed at the zero mark, the car starts readily and has enough power to drive around, but acceleration is unacceptably sluggish. Also, the idle hunts around as if it's getting mixed signals.

One more thing, and I have no idea if this is significant: The car does not stall when the idle air bypass knob is screwed all the way in. Probably a sign of something wrong? The idle does speed up briskly when I screw the air bypass knob out.

Today at the Pick 'N Pull I felt fortunate to find one old Volvo uncrushed, and happily it was an 86 244. I obtained the ECU, AAM, and ICU. They all had the correct numbers.

I want to swap them in systematically,hoping they are not the reason the car was sent to the junkyard. I should disconnect both battery terminals. For the next steps I'm seeking advice. Which to try first? Just the 007 AMM? Install all three?


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