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My Grandma's 76 244. Has Not Been Started Since '92 200 1976

Hello all, I have not been on this forum in some time. I used to own a '88 240 but it sadly packed it in.

I recently was given my Grandma's '76 244, Thing is it has not been started since '92...maybe '91. Its been parked in a garage this whole time, fairly safe from critters.

So Today I decided to try to crank it over, just give'r. I put a battery on, filled with fuel and cranked, the oil level was full of "clean" oil. So it cranked, no hesitation, seemed a bit slow, but...

It didn't seem like it was getting fuel, So I took off the inlet to the firewall mounted filter, and then had my wife crank it over for a few seconds...nothing. The line was filled with gas..but no movement when cranked.

So I am guessing fuel pump, or relay. But here are my question, and I have searched for answers.

1. It looks like it has the intank pump from the diagram from cleanmyflametrap
http://cleanflametrap.com/man_pages.htm, But is that the main pump located beside the tank on the outside?

2. If it is the main pump attached to the side of teh gas tank...no one sells them? does anyone have a source?

3. is there another way to test for fuel flow, that you can suggest?

4.any other hints to get this beast up and going agai. it only has 100k on it.


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