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Glove box repair 200

Howdy All!

My last project to tackle before moving onto my next car is a repair for the glove box.
Ours likes to pop open when you hit a bump just hard enough.
After examining the construction it appears that the hinges are not supported and after 30 years they are a bit lower than they were so they are sagging a bit and allowing the latch to come free of its home when you bounce the car just right.

In my search I have not come up with any grand solutions, either my own or ones that I have seen.

I have tried gluing small neodymium magnets that line up with the screws on the upper edge. I think they help, but not by much.

Could you heat the plastic and push it a bit tighter? It appears that when open you could not get a support under the hinges.
I have considered printing a new box with an internal metal structure to support the hinge, but I have 1000 other projects that will take as much time and actually pay.

Has anyone come up with a more permanent fix?

Thank you all!



New Glove box repair [200]
posted by  AndrewSpencer  on Wed Jul 31 20:48 CST 2019 >

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