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No start - no spark from coil 200 1991

250K+ miles. CA emissions car. No 25-AMP fuse under hood. Was a stick shift; converted to AT 5+ years ago.

Driven intermittently for the past 2-3 years. Always started and ran OK. Then
1. No start ~6 months ago. Owner replaced fuel pump relay w/ a spare; started right up; ran well
2. Same thing happened twice more ~ 10 days apart
3. No start ~ 2 months ago. Owner pulled MAS connector; still no start; plugged it back in and started right up.
4. Started and ran fine for ~ 2 weeks.
5. Then parked for ~ 3 weeks.
6. No start.

Now: No spark from coil. No 12V at orange wire on MAS w/ ignition on Both sides of coil show 12V (orange MAS wire ref https://www.brickboard.com/RWD/volvo/1575746/220/240/260/280/1990_volvo_240_dl_wagon_start_spark.html )

1. Has a tach. Only work owner remembers doing is pulling the instrument cluster to replace the temp gauge.
2. Timing belt is new; distributor turns
3. No click when fuel-pump relay is replaced, ignition on
4. Main fuel pump runs when jumped at fuse block

1. Fuel pump relay
2. CPS (already had a new one)
3. Power stage module
4. Main CPU and ignition control w/ used units out of a running car. Had a 572 I think; replaced with a 951
5. Coil and Coil wire

I suspect a broken wire inside the harness. Perhaps near the MAS as jiggling that worked once.

240 drivers / parts cars - JH, Ohio


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