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Additional questions prior to charging the AC 900 1994

I am continuing to work toward finally getting the air conditioning working again on this car. I had a previous post here:

I am confused about which receiver/dryer port I pour the PAG oil into. Does it go into the port on the condenser side (large pipe entering the front) or the evaporator pipe out the side?


As an aside I did replace the orifice tube today. To the best of my knowledge the system is original other than a compressor discharge hose ten years ago and the recently replaced condenser. I don't know if the amount of crud on the orifice tube is normal or not. It doesn't seem like a lot for 25 years of service.


Any twenty minute job is just a broken bolt away from a three day ordeal


New Additional questions prior to charging the AC [900][1994]
posted by  rstarkie  on Tue Jul 16 04:39 CST 2019 >

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