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Of Tail lights and touch up paint

Put this on TB too.....

Gonna have to replace a tail light assembly -- 6 panel, 240 sedan unit. I bought 2 new ones (L&R) from IPD 6-8 years ago. I'd like to go back to them, but the website shows the right side (the one I need) at $54 while the mirror image left side is $104. Any idea why the price discrepancy? Or why it won't ship for "30 days"? I'd ask them - but it'll have to wait til Monday. Also, these are available from lots of sources - ebay, amazon, Rock Auto, more I'm sure, without the 30 day wait. I've gotta think these things are all coming from the same source -- anyone know if that's true? My IPD units say "Made in Estonia". Thought some of you might have had some experience that was relevant....

Any suggestions on where to go to buy touch up paint? Mine's an 82 - rose beige - I can find samples online, but thought I'd ask and see if ya'lls experience might steer me towards a decent vendor. thx
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New Of Tail lights and touch up paint
posted by  Michael Yount  on Sat Jun 1 19:13 CST 2019 >

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