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Help with fuel pump and relay diagnosis 200

Background: 91 240, LH 2.4.

Initial issue: crank no start, not trying to catch. The car had 1/2 tank of gas in it. Could not hear the fuel pump when turning ignition on, but could hear it when jumping fuse 4 to fuse 6. Pulled the relay out, saw there was infinity between terminals 85 and 86.2, in either direction. Also when I jumpered fuses 4 and 6 the car started. Replaced the relay, the car started.

Two days later, again crank no start, but this time the car is trying to catch. Jumper between 4 and 6 did not make any difference. The street was noisy so I can't tell if I could not hear the pump because of the street noise, or because the pump was not running.

Towed it home, next day it started and ran fine. I am suspecting the in-tank fuel pump, but need help verifying it. The car now has a full tank of gas, if that's significant.

1. There is infinite resistance between the black wire and the brown (ground) wire of the fuel pump. This is bad, right? (There is about 60 ohms between the gray wire - I assume the sending unit - and the brown wire).

2. When I turn the ignition on, there is 0 voltage on fuse 4. Should there be battery voltage?

3. With ignition on, I cannot hear the fuel pump. With fuses 4 and 6 jumpered, I can hear the pump.

4. When I start the car, there is good voltage (13+) on fuse 4, and on the red-orange wire that connects to the black fuel pump wire. Why is there voltage now, while there was 0 voltage when the ignition was on but the car was not running?

5. The new relay shows infinity between terminals 85 and 86.2, in either direction. This is bad, right? I am almost certain I tested this relay before putting it in, and it showed about 2 ohms between those two terminals.

So, to summarize, it appears like the new relay is bad after two days of running (item 5 above), and the in-tank pump is bad (item 1). Two parts bad at the same time, one of them brand new, something is not right with my reasoning.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.


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