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Random 122s Parts For Sale 120-130

My first car was a 1964 122s. I was the second owner. Purchased the car in 1986. Due to some issues I needed to sell the car in 2009.

Well. I was going through some old stuff and I uncovered a bunch of 122 parts that are no longer any use to me.

I need to go through everything, take pictures and figure out pricing.

I have already sold a few items. Here is what is left for sale:

An overrider bar for the front bumper (w/mounting hardware)
A twin downpipe exhaust manifold
The makings of an M41 transmission
Some Big V hubcaps
A variety of switches
The actual pull up radiator cover.

There is some more. I still need to do some digging - but these are the main items

Anyway, I am in Santa Rosa, CA and would love to see all of this go to a good home.
I would rather pick up vs shipping. Some of these items are very heavy and/or awkwardly shaped.
I am also willing to negotiate a price on everything.

Pictures are coming

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