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Water pump pees after engine cools down (and temp gauge on strike) 700

So my temp gauge stopped working. I thought it was the gauge itself but when swapped with a known to be good one, I had the same result. And then I checked the other end and found the wire was broken just at the sending unit connector.

I spliced a new end -- I checked and my splice was measuring below .5Ohm at the bench -- but it still does not work. So I need to check the wiring next. According to the book I looked up, there are *two* wires -- yellow/white and yellow/black -- going from gauge to sending unit, but I only see one connector at the sensor. Is the other one a ground? Also, is the harness on the engine side male or female for the connectors?

Of course, as soon as the gauge stops working something in the cooling system happens. I noticed after I stop the car and let it sit some, I will find coolant as if it is peeing off the passage from the waterpump to the head. I do not see much coolant being lost at the reservoir but I have not been driving it much since. Should I be worried about overheating?


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