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Your part number 1398615 is indeed for a CR814.

Volvo often uses two part numbers, one for the factory installed part and one for the same unit in the parts chain, plus additional part numbers for any later refinements in the parts chain and equivalent part numbers for superseded parts. That's possibly what's causing the confusion with your dealer.

Although I don't ever recall having to give a part number, just the serial number, it makes a bit of sense Volvo may need it in order to get started in the the right part of the master database.

Many years back now, I just gave my local dealer my model/year and VIN to get the code for the 940 I had just bought. At the same time, they wisely asked for the serial number off the top of the radio just to be safe in case the radio had been replaced at some point (which it hadn't) which of course required me to turn to the FAQ here in order to figure out how to pull the radio out. Now for a unit I later got at a yard, all I recall needing was the serial number from the top of the radio to get the code, but my dealer well may have asked for a part number as I had it in my hand or used my VIN (which they had on file) so Volvo could get into the database.

I would suggest at this point that you do likewise. Give your dealer your model/year and VIN which will allow Volvo to lookup the originally installed radio in your car. Give your dealer the serial number off your new radio for a supplemental search. When Volvo puts in your VIN, it will bring up the code you now longer need plus the model number, serial number and factory part number for the original CR814. Volvo will then be able use that part number to look up your new radio if needed in the supplemental search.

Failing that, try calling another dealer anywhere (most have toll free numbers) to see if they have the same story.

I was right, Volvo now does have an on-line application you can use to get radio codes, but it only goes by model/year and VIN which of course is only good for the originally installed radio. It's currently here at Volvo Customer Help -Obtain your radio code. [For those here in Canada, you'll have to use an address in the USA -any valid address will likely do as it's all in the same databse for the North American market, sheesh.] Having to give a VIN kind of makes sense as otherwise what's the point of having a security code if anyone with a radio in their hand can go look it up? Volvo at least trusts your dealer not to be fencing stolen radios and to half know their customers. It all seems rather silly now when you think that it's all about a crappy CR814 that's more of a pain to remove than its worth for a quick $10 on the street (if that) and decent new everyday radios can be had for under $100.

Please post back for the future benefit of others when you finally get it sorted out.
Dave -still with 940's, prev 740/240/140/120 You'd think I'd have learned by now


New CR 814 Code [900]
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