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Strange door chime isssue 200 1991

A new to me 1991 244 automatic (my second 240) has developed an issue where over bumps and hard turns the door chime and seatbelt light goes on. I drove it for roughly a thousand miles after buying it before this started happening. After a few obnoxious days, the kenwood deck that was existing in the car also started to cut out and display a “wiring fault” reading in sync with the door chime/seatbelt light. If I shut the deck off and turn it back on it goes away, until the next hard bump anyways.

So I was considering just pulling the chime speaker from behind the dash and assumed it was one of the door switches causing the issue. but since the stereo started acting up I wonder what’s actually going on, and wouldn’t expect pulling the chime speaker out to fix the stereo problem, and I gotta have a working stereo.

Any direction you can point me is greatly appreciated.

PS the wiring behind the stereo looks very good, it was soldered and shrink wrapped and I checked it against a diagram, and accordingly is 100% correct


New Strange door chime isssue [200][1991]
posted by  nathanielts  on Sat Apr 6 21:31 CST 2019 >

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