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Okay, finally did the heater hoses again 900 1994

This, the second time. The first was 10 years ago. I still had the wooden board I had screwed together from plywood from 10 years ago stashed away, and I used that, along with the excellent instructions in the FAQ.

The last time I did this I only had a screwdriver and wrenches to undo the hose clamps. This time, at the specific recommendation of the FAQ, I invested in a flexible shaft screwdriver which also takes quarter inch drive sockets. This was a godsend! It made getting the hose clamps off much easier.

Also, this time around I folded a carpet on the top of the board for padding for me, as the last time around I receive several bruises just from lying there.

Both of these improvements helped considerably.

I considered using the Motorcraft heater valve, which probably would've worked fine, but finally I just popped for the genuine Volvo valve along with the rubber elbow for the vacuum line.

The only other thing I would add to the FAQ for this job would be the use of a headlamp. I had one of those plug-in shop lights which seem to give out more heat than light, and I resorted to using a hand flashlight, which was less than desirable.

The hardest part is getting the old hoses off. I cut them as gently as possible off the heater core ports, again per the FAQ, which was tedious, and tried to yank them off of the engine ports, which seemed almost impossible, but finally they came.

Two pieces of serendipity with this job:

I found out that the mechanic had left an electrical connection to the air conditioner unclipped, which explained why the air conditioner hadn't worked. I reconnected it, which solved that problem.

Also, I found that on my board, armed with my newly beloved flexible shaft screwdriver, I could easily see and access the crank position sensor. But that for another day.

Anyway, thank you all for all of the tips and advice.

I asked my five-year-old son "When you are 15, you can do the heater hoses for me, right?"

He only smiled back at me, which I assume means yes….


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