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Fuel pump made a funny noise, then no start 200 1991

I arrived at work this morning, and when I shut off the ignition on my 91 245, I heard a funny noise I presumed was from the fuel pump. Went to start it again, no start. Of course, the first thing I did was check the fuses. They were fine, no blown or corroded up fuel pump or any other fuses. Then, I changed the fuel pump relay under the kick pass. panel. Still no start. I then got under the car, and beat on the fuel pump (with no one to help, It was not while being cranked over). It then started. And has started 3-4 times after.

Is there just a bad spot on the commutator/brush connection, and when I heard the funny noise, the armature just so happened to stop on that bad spot? Should I run out and change the pump right away, or do I have some time? I usually run marvel mystery oil in the gas, but don't have any in the tank at this time. MMO wouldn't touch that part of the pump anyway, right? Thanks!


New Fuel pump made a funny noise, then no start [200][1991]
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