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960 Engine Suddenly Running Rough 900 1996

I was climbing a hill in my 1996 965 the other day and it suddenly began running rough. Felt like it was missing on one or more cylinders, so I figured it must be a bad coil pack or broken spark plug electrode. The check engine light did not turn on.
I pulled the plugs, and all six looked the same. Their color and smell says the engine is running rich. Tested compression on each cylinder, and they are all good (200 to 210 psi). Installed new plugs and engine continues to run very rough.
So it's a misfire that appeared suddenly and I'm unable to ID any particular cylinder as a cause. Check engine light now on, but likely caused by my cranking engine with fuel pump and coil packs disconnected while checking compression.
Any ideas?


New 960 Engine Suddenly Running Rough [900][1996]
posted by  analogdad  on Thu Jan 3 20:28 CST 2019 >

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