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Trying to identify oddball clutch pedal, 262C? Diesel?

Swapping my '84 242DL from auto trans to manual. Have sizable pile of spares from a very rusty '83 242 manual trans Turbo including clutch/brake pedal assy. Bought a parts lot of spares from a guy with a half dozen various 240s in a field and a collapsing barn , supposedly including many parts from an abandoned V8 project. He also had a 262C.
The clutch pedal I stripped from my '83 242 Turbo, has a clevis and about a 5mm pin securing the clutch cable to the pedal.
In the spares lot was a clutch/brake pedal assy. that has a very different means of attaching the cable. Instead of the single arm with the hole for the clevis & pin, there are 3 welded on vertical pieces welded to a notched plate about 1in.x 1 1/2in., with a sort of "groove". Much more "heavy duty" looking than the Turbo pedal with its single operating arm. The pedal appears to be an OEM item, not modified.
In the lot of spares was also a brand new clutch cable with a "T" shaped upper end which fits perfectly into the "groove". The cable lower end appears to be a Volvo item with the plastic adjuster. I no longer have the cable from the '83 Turbo for comparison of the lower end.
Other than the difference in the attachment of the cable and the different end, the "cage" of both pedal assemblies is the same.
Does the 262C use this type of clutch pedal and cable? Did they even make a 262C with manual trans?
Were there cable clutches on diesels? I assumed all diesels used hydraulic.
In the parts lot were a rather odd, sort of "slide in" transmission mount and a well made, large motor mount/bracket welded assembly that does fit neatly into the '84 242DL front crossmember.
Can anyone identify this pedal/cable assembly?


New Trying to identify oddball clutch pedal, 262C? Diesel?
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