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Brake Light Switch Questions 1991 240 200

I'm diagnosing a no brake light situation on the 1991 240.

Background. Several years ago I installed on of Art Benstein's fine circuit board things to bypass the standard printed circuit for the taillights and have had several years of taillight bliss.

Recently my son reported that he had no brake lights. Confirmed.

Diagnosis: Today I carefully checked the light bulbs and connections and found a loose solder connection on the circuit board and resoldered-result no change, no brake lights.

I just removed the brake light switch (this switch was accessible after removing the driver's bolster and bracket. After removing one vacuum connection and on electrical connector I could unscrew the switch body from its bracket. No need to move any other equipment on this model.

The brake switch shows the following. compressed = continuity, extended = no continuity. Is this correct? It seems that the switch is designed to break contact on brake application.......

I will be checking the wiring diagram next but this doesn't seem right to Mee.

Any advice appreciated.


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