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Relieving Fuel Pressure Procedure before Working on Fuel System 200 1988

I need to change my fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter on my 1988 240 DL N/A. I referred to Bentley and Haynes, but my car did not read either manual (you may recall from a prior post that the windshield wiper pump relay is not located where it's supposed to be on this car, though on my former Volvo, it was). Here's what happened with the fuel pump fuse.

You're supposed to remove the main fuel pump fuse, then turn the key to start the car until the engine dies. Remove the key, then open the gas cap.

To disable the main fuel pump, you remove fuse #6. My fuse panel next to the driver's leg indicates #6 is the main fuel pump. However, removing the fuse does not stop the fuel pump from working and I can't kill the engine.

I try to disconnect the fuel pump relay. The white fuel pump relay is supposed to be on the passenger's side. I can't find it anywhere in the driver or passenger's side.

Please help.


New Relieving Fuel Pressure Procedure before Working on Fuel System [200][1988]
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