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Unusual no start issue 200

Hey all,

I am officially stumped here.
Last Thursday my 1986 240 was running fine. Shut her off for a bit, ran into store came out......refused to start(still warm). I finally got her to pop off, drove her home with ZERO ISSUES. It was as if nothing happened. Ok great problem solved.ha think again..... Got in driveway and shut her down than immediately tried to restart. NOTHING. And now she won't start for the life of her.

Things I've tried so far: swapped out fuel pump relay and I reflowed both the old as well as replacement fuel relays(" new" relay is a 2000 made one), all wiring looks a-ok, replaced a cracked element euro fuse, unplugged MAF sensor(not the issue), checked fuel pump/engine management fuse,
Hall sensor connector is fine.
The odd part is everything is checking out. Timing is not off and I'm not suspecting fuel pumps as they would affect drivability. It sometimes smells BAD like fuel, than it dosent.

What's going on here?


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posted by  volvoman1980  on Tue Dec 4 08:04 CST 2018 >

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