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󞩹] 𖑨] Searching for the one true Synchro Ring 1993


Anyone know where I can find synchro rings for a 1993 volvo 240 sedan (which I believe is an M47 transmission type)?

We were on our way to see friends a few days ago when there was a terrible clunking noise and we suddenly couldn't shift into anything except for 4th gear (thus, we learned about limp home mode). When we finally made it home, we dropped out the transmission and managed to get it apart to take a look inside.

All of the gears and everything are just fine, but one of the synchro rings on the very end had snapped completely in half! Great news, right? Only one thing out of the entire transmission is messed up. Well, turns out that it's really freakin' hard to find synchro rings for this specific type of volvo online and all of the pick-apart places here are iced over and closed until further notice. So, here I am, imploring brickboard.

Any help is appreciated!




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posted by  Ludo  on Thu Nov 29 20:10 CST 2018 >

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