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940 or 945 900 1993

Hey everyone, im Michel im from Germany but i live in the US at the moment so please forgive me my grammar mistakes.
Ich bought a used 1993 940 early this year, I drove and cleaned it manly for the beginning.
Now couple weeks ago I started to take it apart since I wanted to give it a tune up. I change the Head gasket cleaned the engine and replaced broken parts. So now I wanted to put it back together, what mildly well worked. So now to my problems it fires up but it can't hold on the firing I'm pretty sure it's not the timing belt since I checked that 5 times. Sparks are there fuel is also coming. I'm not 100% sure if the Injector connection are correct but since it's a 1/4 chance of getting it right its not a problem to try and error that. I checked all other connections in the engine compartment and all vacuum hoses. They should be correct. At least the ones that make sence. Im not sure about the system aswell since it has one a air temperature sensors and no MAF is it the LH 3.1?

In hope somebody can help me and thanks for every try
Greetings from Virginia


New 940 or 945 [900][1993]
posted by  someone claiming to be Luddenbrook  on Sun Oct 21 11:45 CST 2018 >

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