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Power Steering Rack Leaks; Automatic Transmission Type 200 1988

My 1988 244 DL with 284k+ miles is leaking from the power steering rack.

There are two types: camshaft; ZF. I checked FAQs and can't find a way to identify based upon the plates on the car. In the trunk the steering gear is #3.

Also, any tips for deciding when to change? It's apparently a slow leak (I've had the car only a week).

Can it be repaired?

Where do you recommend I buy a replacement power steering rack?

According to my VIN, digit #9 = 5 meaning a ZF22 transmission. However, a couple of websites, eg Amazon, say that the only automatic transmissions used in 1988 244s were AW70s. I tend to believe this, because my car was majorly neglected and ZF22s are less reliable. Anyone know for sure which transmission I have?



New Power Steering Rack Leaks; Automatic Transmission Type [200][1988]
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