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Wanted: Trade my '96 960 sedan for 960/V90 wagon S90-V90

Been posting this around for months. To start with I love wagons over the sedan. Have had more wagons over sedans in the 20+ years of driving these old Volvo's. About my '96 960,have owned about 5 1/2 years. Drives and runs great, 200K miles (190K on replacement engine), white over Gray, maintained by me with detailed hand written service Log. No one has worked on any car of mine in over 40 years. Learned early on that getting ripped off for sub par repairs is no fun. Have owned many Volvo's and this is my 4th 960 over the years. The replacement engine with 190K on it is actually the best B6304 engine I've had or driven. Smooth, quiet, powerful and clean. It's ready to go, is my daily driver. Drive anywhere. I

Anyway, looking to trade or purchase for one needing a little work. Bad trans OK as I have a good spare. Maybe even needing a head, that's the one job I haven't done yet on one of these engines. If I'm going to keep driving these 960/V90's that's a job I need to learn.

I'm in the Louisville area and need to be within a few hours of here. I can't post pics, but email me at


and I can do it that way. Thanks for reading and posting this here as another avenue. I've not gotten any bites from any other posts. Did I say I prefer wagons over the sedan? Actually I also do have a '91 745 wagon that I'd consider the same trade. Has 205K and owned right around 9 years. Wife claims it as her car so gotta run it by her. Thanks Dave

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