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1989 Volvo 760 Turbo 45000 miles!!! Read 700

The story of this car:

I am third owner. First owner was an attorney that drove from home garage to office garage. When he retired he sold to second owner who gave it to his wife who drove it home with a blown heater hose. It got her home but never turned over again.

Car was stored in a garage off the suspension for 13 years. I bought it with 150K on the odometer and substantially rebuilt the car including an 80K engine and transmission from a rolled 740.

I purchased in October of 2014 and installed new seals in both engine and transmission. At 180K I had an oil leak problem therefore I replaced oil separator and hoses along with new timing belt, lower timing belt gear and tensioner and new seals at crank, intermediate shaft and cam seal. Now leak free.

Presently 195K on odometer therefore engine is now at 125K.

I hope to sell to an enthusiast therefore I will endeavor to address as many issues as possible, so you know exactly what your buying. Know issues are as follows:

Body: Original paint that shines nice. Car was rear ended that damaged trunk lid and area around RR taillight. Trunk lid replaced with aluminum lid and repainted on trunk lid and right rear quarter panel.

Ignition switch replaced prior to my ownership therefore it requires two keys to operate. One key for ignition and one key for locks.

Resistor for the automatic blower motor is not functional. This part has proved to be very difficult to find. Resistor is installed in the ductwork and I have installed a relay that provides on/off operation.

Leather seats are splitting at seams. (See photos). Power seats and switches work. Drivers seat has weak cable therefore seat back tilt work sporadically. (Parts to repair included).

AC has all components but needs a new dryer and charging to be made functional again. (System open during engine replacement).

Rear independent self leveling suspension is in excellent shape. At 150K I installed a pair of one (1) year old nivromats that I purchased from a nicely rebuilt 760 that ended its life with an engine fire. Rear end sits square and adjust to new load after a few meters of driving.

Front suspension is MONROE sensatrack installed at 150K.

Fuel tank was full of goo when I purchased. New intank fuel pump and fuel level sender unit. These cars are notorious for nonfunctional fuel gauges. All Gauges in cluster work properly.

Auction includes many many spare parts. (I have a shed full of related 760/940 parts).

Includes two (2) original stereo units with codes.

Includes two original amplifier units. Working condition.

Includes a spare set of 4 hub caps.

Includes factory wiring diagram book. (Worth its weight in gold).

All windows and switches operate normally.

Transmission shifts normal.

Brakes are fine. New brake lines, calipers installed at 150K

Custom 2-1/2" exhaust and high flow mufflers installed at 150K. Catalytic converter is hollow.

Tires still have whiskers! Turbo produces excellent pressure.

In conclusion, this car realistically has 45K since rebuild.

Update: When cleaning trunk I discovered the original trunk saver spare tire that had never been on the ground exploded (Cords Separated). To be addressed.

Douglas 314 899 7033 St. Louis Missouri
Photo can be seen on St. Louis Craig's List $1500

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