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Flushing Automatic Transmissions

The Maintenance FAQ on transmission flushing has for many years suggested flushing procedure using the transmission cooler lines. Many of you know the drill: disconnect top cooler line, attach hose, run car until 2 qts. pumped out, add = amount of fresh fluid and repeat. I've done this on all the old Volvos I cared for over the years and even purchased the IPD hose for this.

But recently I've become gun shy about messing with anything attached to that plastic radiator. I'm thinking of flushing by draining 3-4 qts. via the transmission sump, driving 500 miles and draining again. I don't mind crawling under the car to do this and it seems to me it will get most of the old fluid out of the trans & torque converter.

Interested in the Board's thoughts on this.


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New Flushing Automatic Transmissions
posted by  analogdad  on Fri Jul 13 09:39 CST 2018 >

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