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Hi everyone,

I have a problem that is driving me mad with my 88' 745 turbo with m46 trans, 250,000 miles. Started within the last 2000 miles or so. I've been reading as much as I can about the issue but am stumped.

The car has intermittent vibrations in the steering wheel, seat, and floor. Seemingly random, the car will shake at different speeds from say 20mph to 80mph. Doesn't matter hot or cold. Sometimes I will have no vibrations at all, other times I will feel the steering wheel shake, then it will move to my seat, then to the floor, sometimes the wholes car shakes while driving. Sometimes braking or slowing down makes steering wheel shake worse, sometimes better.

Oddest thing I've ever experienced.

I do mostly highway driving at around 70mph, mostly good road. Sometimes the steering wheel will feel like bad tie rods, shaking left to right. Other times it feels like the car is bouncing up and down. Agian intermittently but every drive has a random series of different vibrations and times of perfect comfortable ride.

What's been gone over so far:
Front end components checks out fine. Aside from some play in the rack which has always been there.
New front conical control arm bushings yesterday. (Seems to have helped some but...) Radius rod to body bushings seem pretty worn out but no play.
New tires.
Different sets of wheels (Dracos) used. I used to get a shake at around 55mph or so due to a bad wheel but now have 4 good wheels.
Balanced the tires, and swapped front to back etc.
Drive shaft u joints and carrier bearing and bushing done last year around 10,000 miles ago.
Struts (and likely mounts, bearings) seem to be original.
Newer front brake calipers and hoses, rotors, and pads.
Wheels and rotors don't appear to be getting super hot after a drive.
No discernible play or noise in wheel bearings.
New transmission mount.
Killed the engine at 60mph, no change in vibration.
Shifted into 3rd at 60mph, maybe some change but can't be sure.
Haven't checked the rear end yet.

Sorry for the terribly long post, I think I'm venting as much as looking for help. Any suggestions or help is much appreciated. Just want my car to drive smooth as silk like it did for the last 70,000 miles I've had it.


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