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30 year hoard of Volvo cars and parts in Ravenna, OH.

A facespacebook post in several Volvo forums:

Mark Drennen
27 February at 20:07

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I’m sad to say but we don’t have the time or resources to sell everything and we are being forced to clean now. Lots of parts and lots of cars some with titles some we may be able to find titles if you want to buy a car with a title or just buy a whole car for parts. Most any part can be bought for a minimum of $10 and some small items can be thrown in for free. In the next six months or so it all needs to go specific parts will be listed for specific prices but if you can come you can get better prices. Shop is located at 5220 New Milford Rd., Ravenna, OH 44266. We are open Monday through Friday 830 to 5 and willing to meet people Saturday and Sunday to help save some Volvos that need parts. Shop number 330-297-1297 we have a normal Service and repair shop and don’t have time for much shipping.

No affiliation. Hope that halps.

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