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Running rough 200 1992

OK I am at a loss here. A couple of weeks ago I drove my car two hours north into the mountains as I do frequently. The car sat for two days as I had other transportation. Started it up in the morning to drive to ski hill and it's running rough, low power on hills, feels like it's missing like crazy, etc. Same thing in the afternoon. Same thing the next day but as I drive the two hours home after half an hour it's fine. Drive around home for a couple of days and see less than thirty seconds of trouble one day. Drive back into the mountains, let it sit for a day and the same scenario happens. Drive 15 minutes towards home and it's fine. Thought maybe I got some water in the gas or something so popped in some Methyl Hydrate but it hasn't helped. Went back to the mountains again and the same scenario, it's rough until it's headed for home. Is this like the proverbial horse heading for the barn? I forgot to check for codes before I disconnected the battery to reseat various electrical connectors but checking after there were no codes set. I'm looking at Bentley in the Fuel Injection section but my car doesn't seem to match up to what they say. It's an American model with 88 as the 6th & 7th digits in the VIN(Bentley incorrectly says 5 & 6 I think) which should indicate Federal and LH 2.4 and should have a cold start injector. I can't see any cold start injector. I wanted to reseat the connector on what I believe is the Coolant Temperature Sensor for the LH 2.4 system but I couldn't get the plug off. It is the one under the second from rear intake runner isn't it? I'm also wondering whether I have the relay indicated as part of the cold start injector system and where to find it.
Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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New Running rough [200][1992]
posted by  JWT  on Tue Jan 23 15:04 CST 2018 >

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