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Strange Fuel/idle problem 200

Hello All-

I know there are zillions of fuel problems discussed, but I haven't run across discussion of what I'm experiencing, so I'm hoping someone will recognize my symptoms or have good ideas about what/how to test.

'92 Volvo 240 wagon, auto. Starts normally cold or warm, but when warm will, after about 5-10 seconds start to idle very badly (400~ rpm) and immediately die if the throttle is even slightly cracked. If I restart, wait 30 - 60 seconds, and let it run in this spluttering state, I'll hear it suddenly recover, going back to a healthy 800 ish rpm with normal power response, etc.. It only happens at start up. The AMM is new (though aftermarket). New fuel pressure regulator, new cyl temp sensor, new in-tank pump, normal sounding main pump, new distributor cap/rotor.

Given the symptoms can I rule out the idle control and throttle pos sensor? Does the in-tank pump have a relay that can fail, then recover after a few seconds?

Thanks for any thoughts!



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posted by  bthompso  on Sun Jan 21 13:33 CST 2018 >

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