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240 dimmer pot wiring?

Have an '85 245GL non-turbo and the wipers got in a fight on the windshield so, took out the dash and repaired/serviced the system. Good news is that the wipers are working in harmony now!

Bad news is that, when I reassembled the dash, can't get the dimmer pot to work? In addition, when I turn on the lights, the tach and clock quit working? Mysterious ... but, have a "stock pot for it", not the one I took out and, there are 2 lugs on the back of it but only 1 wire from the loom to connect it to? Both wires are positive and connect to each other thru a "double lug"?

Seems to me that my problem is that I can't find the 2nd wire off the loom to connect to the back of the pot? (In reading about rheostats/potentiometers and the like, there are 2 kinds, one has 3 poles, negative, positive and output, the other has 2 poles, input and output and as the resistance varies the appliance it operates varies?) Would seem that I need a 2nd pole no matter which style my car is designed for?

Thanks for your help with this!



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New 240 dimmer pot wiring?
posted by  Cubnuts  on Tue Jan 2 06:41 CST 2018 >

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