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93 240 - help diagnosing hard start when warm 200 1993

1993 240 AT wagon
215k (I've had it since 182k)

Over the past few years, I've replaced:

- Distributor, rotor
- Ignition coil
- Ignition wires
- Spark plugs
- Vacuum hoses
- Fuel filter
- Fuel pump relay

I also cleaned the MAF and TB a few times. All was done as part of tuning it up and getting it to run more smoothly - which worked well.

The car always took a longer time to start than usual - about 2-3 seconds of cranking. I never thought much of it.

Recently I replaced the fuel injectors, and, wow, what a difference. Engine is much smoother, fuel economy improved, and when cold, it would start right up - zero issues. However, when the engine is warm, it still takes 2-3 seconds to start.

This leads me to believe something else is still amiss and I want to determine what it is.

The crank position sensor looks like it's been replaced, and has a Volvo p/n. Since it's a PITA to change, I've not tried to tackle it.

I've also tried leaving the key in the ACC position for a 5 seconds to build up fuel pressure.

I've also inspected the FPR for fuel leakage - none to speak of.

Two questions:

1. Since the FPR and CPS are fairly expensive items, I'm searching for a method to determine if one of these may be at fault. How can I test them?

2. What else can I test to see if it may be contributing to the issue?

Thank you in advance.


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New 1 93 240 - help diagnosing hard start when warm [200][1993]
posted by  woodshavings  on Sat Dec 9 16:38 CST 2017 >

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