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Air bubble causing slight over heating after checking coolant? 200 1988

Hi there,

I have been working on this little 88 240 dl for the last two years. Rebuilt the exhaust, replaced many a gasket and seal, new timing belt, plugs,the works. Yesterday upon leaving the place I stopped to have my oil changed (just moved. Nowhere to do my own), I noticed that my temp gauge was above where it should be, and rising.. after driving maybe 10 miles, 45 degree, rainy weather, the temp gauge read about 2/3, when it's normally at .5. Now I may be over reacting, but I've been through a lot with this car.. so I want some feedback. Any thoughts are welcome. Head gasket is fine btw, so I'm thinking an air bubble made it's way into the radiator during the lube job, and that's now causing this temp reading. I'll be driving long distance (1.5 hours through mountains) for thanksgiving tomorrow.. so any and all thoughts are welcome! Thanks everyone


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New Air bubble causing slight over heating after checking coolant? [200][1988]
posted by  someone claiming to be Bob Smith  on Thu Nov 23 01:57 CST 2017 >

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