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Driveline vibration in 1st gear only 200 1984

Hey there...

Trying to track down a drive train vibration that is driving me crazy. Car is an '84 245, B23F, M46, about 400K miles.

Within the last three months, the motor mounts, transmission mount, u-joints and center carrier have been replaced. The mounts were completely trashed. Replacing them made the car WAY quieter and smoother.

And the u-joints and center carrier were in pretty bad shape, too.

But the vibration persists. It happens only in 1st gear between 10-15 mph, and only while accelerating. If I back off the throttle and hold the car's speed at say 10 mph, there is no vibration. But as soon as I give it more gas and start accelerating, the vibration is there up to about 15 mph. I've taken it up as high as 25 mph in 1st (about 5,000 rpm) and there is no vibration. It's just in that 10-15 mph bracket.

The vibration can be felt through the floor and through the pedals. It's enough that the headrest on the passenger seat visibly vibrates.

Any ideas? Thanks!!


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New Driveline vibration in 1st gear only [200][1984]
posted by  someone claiming to be cdcrawford  on Tue Nov 14 01:07 CST 2017 >

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