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Sudden no-start 200 1987

1987 240 -- yesterday I broke the alternator belt on the way to work. Made to to work, and fortunately a parts store is a half-block from my office. At lunch I fired it up, drove over, and replaced the belt. But now I have strong crank but no fire. Checked the fuses -- all good. When I crank it (and crank, and crank, and crank) I'm not getting a gas odor at the tailpipe nor at the engine.
Does this sound like a fuel pump issue? What else should I look for?

Recent replacements: coil/rotor/cap (summer '16), plugs/wires/fuses (May), alternator/battery/battery cables (August).


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New Sudden no-start [200][1987]
posted by  TRank  on Thu Nov 9 08:55 CST 2017 >

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