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New Duett project. Need advice 444-544

I have recently purchased my all time favorite Volvo. A '58 Duett.
Generally, in really good condition, it has been in storage for a few years and I am going through everything for fun, knowledge and upgrading.
The Duett had been previously upgraded with a B20 and 12V. Which brings up some potential problems and I'm looking for some guidance.
The mechanicals, so far, appear really good. The electrical, on the other hand, has me wondering.

First: The charging circuit is routed through the amp gauge (and the dash) through a really small diameter wire. The car has an 80 amp alternator which I'm afraid will overheat this circuit.
I would like to rewire this in a sensible manner and rework the amp meter by installing a volt meter instead - but keep it looking stock! I've seen posts where something similar has been done for the coolant temperature gauge on a 122S, where the gauge part has been replaced but the original face retained.

Second: I would like to do the same thing for the temperature gauge- convert to an electrical gauge.

Third: The idea of routing hot, 80 psi oil to the back of the dash to activate the gauge seems like a disaster in the making. I would like to also change this over to an electrical gauge.

The Duett has the old-school gauge panel with the round speedometer. I'm guessing that these are pretty rare and I'll only get one stab at getting these gauges converted.
Has anyone made any of these changes on the older style panel?
Information, ideas, warnings, instructions are all welcome.


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New New Duett project. Need advice [444-544]
posted by  TR Conn  on Fri Nov 3 20:11 CST 2017 >

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