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Just noticed that another common part for my V90 is NLA (same goes for 95+ 960s): front strut 271911. This time you can really feel the pinch: this is a basic periodic maintenance part, so once it wears out, it's gone... As far as I can tell, Monroe was, and has been for some time, the only manufacturer of post-95 960 shocks, the OEM Sachs had stopped making them a while ago. To my knowledge, there is no aftermarket replacement on the market right now (Monroe shocks used to be sold as Monroe and Pro Parts as well). Seems like a distribution problem; it's odd indeed, I can buy a KYB front strut for a '88 Saab 9000 (how many of them are still running, and where is Saab anyway), but not for my '98 Volvo... Another instance is a California spec catalytic converter: I was able to get an aftermarket one for my 940, while the 960 one just doesn't seem to be out there. Well, I guess when the time comes, we'll see. Maybe somebody will come around and start producing/distributing them, or else this could be the time to let go...

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New 1 960 parts NLA [900]
posted by  vp965  on Thu Nov 2 18:54 CST 2017 >

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