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AW30-40 code P0715 S90-V90 1998

Trying to diagnose a transmission malfunction code P0715 (generic code that my code reader gives me). The transmission has been shifting a little odd (felt like upshifting late at low speeds). Then one day the flashing arrows came out, and the tranny gave out (shifted into neutral, which allowed me to coast into a parking lot, then it came back to life after I let the car sit for a while and cool, and it got me home). The check engine light came on with the code as well. From what I was able to find on the net, the code is for "Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction". Wonder where the sensor in question is located -- I'm looking as #22 on the diagram below as possible culprit. I believe an electrical issue may be likely -- I've had coolant leak from the back of the engine and onto the transmission for a while, it's a miracle that there haven't been any electrical problems before. Of course, it could be some other wiring problem or something completely different. Any input would be appreciated. Here's the parts diagram for AW30-40:

'98 965


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New AW30-40 code P0715 [S90-V90][1998]
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