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EGR temperature sensor 200 1991

1991 Volvo 240 station wagon. 130,000 miles CALIFORNIA CAR
"Check Engine" light came on a couple of weeks ago. Panic time - I have to pass the California smog test to renew the registration no later than November 22.
Looking for someone who has experienced this problem on a California car of this vintage.
Used the self-diagnostics with the code lead in slot 6. Gave me a code of 4-1-3. Not listed in my Bentley Manual (why not??). Online I found it is the ERG temperature sensor. Tried to extinguish the code - no luck, so I followed the one sentence instruction to disconnect the harness and check the resistance across the two connector terminals leading to the sender (Bentley 253.6) It's supposed to show resistance of 500 - 1000 ohms. I measured 557 ohms. , I tried again to wipe out the code - and it worked! But it came back the next day. So I know some facts, but I have no useful knowledge about what to do now. If the price of the part were inexpensive, I would not hesitate to change it out.

QUESTION: A. Since Bentley did not list the trouble code of 4-1-3, can I be confident that temp sensor is the problem? Is there a place I can check to verify that 413 is the temp sensor?

B. Given that (I have heard ) that the temp sensor rarely fails, should the next step be to R & R the ERG temperature sensor even though it is within acceptable range?

C. what should be my next step?

Unimportant side issue: I fail to understand how mechanics, on a time clock, can get their hands in this area to connect/disconnect, hold something, and still measure it. My hands don't fit.


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New EGR temperature sensor [200][1991]
posted by  faof2  on Mon Oct 16 19:15 CST 2017 >

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