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240 fuel pump question 200 1984

Hello - looking for a little clarification after reading the threads. I'm trying to diagnose a hard cold start, lumpy acceleration issue on my 84 wagon. I thought I had narrowed it down to one of the system/fuel pump relays and replaced the supposed faulty one, but no change in behavior.

Should I be hearing both pumps when the key is in position II or only the in-tank pump? And does it continuously run, or when pressure has been built in the system does it stop running? The in-pump is only running (audibly) about 1 in 10 key cranks and only for a few seconds, which I understand to be correct.

I do not hear the main pump at all in position II, but believe it to be functioning as I can hear them both run when jumping the fuses.

Any insight is appreciated!

84 245 manual, 365K


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New 240 fuel pump question [200][1984]
posted by  brockero  on Thu Oct 12 19:32 CST 2017 >

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