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Alternator barely charging 200 1989

On the new-to-me 1989 245 DL, it came into the shop with a bad battery and bad alternator, the college student who owned it was done. I put a fresh battery on it because it would not hold a charge, actually went up to a H8 which is 900CCA. Afterwards it would start and run with no battery light, but voltage was low at 11.9V and would drop when the engine was accelerated. No problem I thought, I work on many of the same vintage and older Mercedes diesels so I just bought a voltage regulator like I have done many times. But the 245 only jumps up to 12.3V and about 10 amps output. Battery light is off, but voltage drops slightly when accelerated. I don't have the wiring diagram handy, but will pull one for it. Is there any common problem I am missing? I spent time after work this evening changing the right engine mount (completely severed) before running out of time. I left it on the lift and will go in early in the morning and change the left mount. I just ordered an exhaust pipe to gove over the axle. My goal is to have it road ready by next week.


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New Alternator barely charging [200][1989]
posted by  arkie  on Wed Aug 9 21:50 CST 2017 >

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